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Estd. 2007 ( A CBSE Affiliated Co-Ed Institution)

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Discipline is beautiful control is ugly. Control is suppression discipline is understanding. Discipline has no ideal to follow no dogma to follow its spontaneous; it leads you by and by to a wholeness... The very word discipline comes from a root which means to learn, it comes from the same word as disciple; disciple is one who is ready to learn. Discipline can never be a rod, how can we control children ? Here at Loyola International School we understand this that instilling habits by way of explanation and example is by far, more valuable than trying to force them on the students. Our aim is to nurture a sense of responsibility in the students so that they themselves understand what they must do and how they must behave in different circumstances. Bestowing them with duties and responsibility gives them a feeling of importance and belongingness which in turn drives them to be the best and do the best they can. Carrying out their duties successfully develops in them a sense of pride and self-confidence.

The Emblem of Loyola International School is also thoughtfully designed to represent what we stand for. Taking from the ‘Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom' all things must have good roots. A good structure and good fruit.
The 'L’ in the top left section of the emblem is much like a growing vine. It is to symbolize the root.Students studying in Loyola International School are growing here and must have a sense of 'Loyalty' and ‘Belongingness’ to the institution.
The 'Ink Pot' in the lower left section, represents the school and its faculty as a resource into which the students dip and get the necessary nourishment for growing healthy in mind and body. The 'Quill' or pen, in the mid section, represents the input expected from the students who study here in Loyola International School.
In the bottom right section of the emblem is a 'Multi-Level Candle stand with a lit Candle on each level: This symbolizes the future of our students. Seeing that every individual has a different capacity for different things and knowing that no two students are the same, we endeavour to groom each student to be the best in his or her capacity no matter what the level, and spread light which is a positive element. The 'Stars' in the lower right section also have a similar message: No matter how big or small, strive to be a star.
The ‘Yellow’ colour in the emblem is the colour of 'Glory’. Glory being the bench mark for the quality expected in each endeavour.
The ‘Blue and Grey' colours symbolize the clear skies and the clouds that come up often. This is to help realize that with the good times in life's journey there will come some bad times. Keeping one's self prepared to swim against the current is an integral part of growing up.
Closing this article we would like everyone to know that we at Loyola International School are leaving no stone unturned when it come to searching for new and better ways to groom our students. We strive to make the atmosphere fun and enjoyable to keep students interested in learning, so that our faculty can help bring out the best in them.